Artificial Urinary Sphincter (AUS)

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For men and women who are faced with an extreme or complicated case of incontinence, the artificial urinary sphincter (AUS) can be a viable option to help control the condition. The AUS is a surgically implantable device used to restore urinary control in men and women. For trauma victims, patients who are experiencing incontinence following a surgery for prostate cancer, and for those who have congenital defects in the urinary system, the AUS can provide excellent long-term results. The devise has three components including a pump which goes inside the scrotum (or labia in women), a balloon reservoir which holds the fluid for the devise and a cuff that encircles the urethra and prevents urine from leaking out. The pump can be activated (usually by squeezing or pressing a button) to deflate or shrink the cuff and permit the bladder to empty. After a short period, the cuff refills itself and the urethra is again closed.

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