Interstitial cystitis, or, painful bladder syndrome, is a condition that causes pain in the bladder and a recurring discomfort in the bladder and pelvic region. People with interstitial cystitis will experience different severities of pain and each case will be different for each person. Some individuals will feel slight cramping and tenderness in the bladder, while others will feel intense pain and an urgent need to urinate, with severe pain during urination. Some will experience pain during vaginal intercourse. These people may be told they have a urinary tract infection even with negative results.

Interstitial cystitis and painful bladder syndrome are more common in women than men; an estimated 1.3 million Americans will suffer from the disorder with 75% or more of these being women.

Medical professionals believe that interstitial cystitis is the result of several bladder conditions, but the exact causes are not exactly known. If kidney stones or other infections are ruled out, IC/PBS may be the diagnosis.

Because many of the symptoms of interstitital cystiis are representative of other bladder and kidney infections, there is not one definite test used to diagnose IC/BPS. The diagnosis is usually made with complaints of a persistent pain in the bladder with difficulty urinating as well as the absence of any other conditions or diseases that would cause the same symptoms.

Currently, there is not one set treatment for interstitial cystitis because there is still so much unknown about this condition. A bladder distention and/or a bladder instillation may be used to help relieve the pain in the bladder and other symptoms associated with IC/BPS. There are also drugs on the market approved by the FDA to help relieve symptoms associated with this disorder.

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