Kidney stones are a common and painful condition for many people. Most kidney stones will pass out of the body without physician assistance, other times, kidney stones may require treatment. One widely used kidney stone treatment for the cure and release of kidney stones is extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy or ESWL.

The ExtraCorpal Shockwave Lithotripsy procedure uses shock waves to break kidney stones into small pieces so that it becomes easier to pass a kidney stone. By breaking the stones up, they are able to pass through the urinary tract system easier and pass from the body.

ESWL uses highly focused impulses projected from outside of the body to crush and annihilate the kidney stones. In most cases, this kidney stone treatment procedure is intense enough and will typically reduce the kidney stones to small pieces or sand-like granules. In cases where kidney stones are very large, several or more ESWL treatments might be needed to help pass a kidney stone. The procedure, while effective, should not be administered in pregnant women.

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