The penis is the external male sexual organ. It is also a main function of the urinary system of a male. There are a variety of tissues and cells that make up the inside of a man’s penis. Different types of penile cancers can be found in any of these cells; some of the cancers found will be less serious than others.

Almost all cancers of the penis begin in skin cells of the penis. More than 95% of penis cancers will develop from flat skin cells called squamous cells. These tumors grow slow and once found, they can be cured. Verrucous carcinoma and carcinoma in situ are other forms of penile cancer. Both of these are quite uncommon and will offer different symptoms. They can also be found in varying locations on the penis, and treatments will differ. Melanoma is a type of skin cancer that starts in the melanocytes. Less than 2% of cancers of the penis will end up being a melanoma.

It is not exactly known what causes penile cancer. It has been said that smoking is believed to be a major cause of cancer of the penis. Men who have never been circumcised stand a greater risk for developing penile cancer. Men who have the HPV virus, as well as AIDS, also are at risk for cancer of the penis.

Surgery, radiation therapy, chemotherapy and immune therapy are treatments available to treat penile cancer.

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