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For women who experience a prolapsed pelvis, a uterus that is in the wrong position, a cystocele (a prolapsed bladder) or weakened uterine muscles leading to stress incontinence, a pessary is sometimes inserted to control the condition. A pessary is a non-surgical approach to correcting the symptoms associated with a pelvic organ that is prolapsed. The device can be made out of plastic or silicone, comes in a variety of sizes, and is inserted into the vagina or rectum and held in place by the muscles of the pelvis thus supporting the prolapsed pelvic area. The pessary contraption works in very similar ways as the diaphragm. Once it is determined that a pessary is the course of treatment, you will need to be fitted for the device by your physician. There may be some discomfort with this device and if a woman experiences pain, she should consult with her doctor; women can have sexual intercourse with a pessary in place.

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