Peyronie’s disease is a condition in men where lumps form in the penis causing curvature.

Peyronie’s disease for some men is painful and could interrupt sexual intercourse due to the pain and anxiety that is associated with the condition. Many men are too embarrassed to discuss the symptoms (such as a bent penis) with their peers. Peyronie’s disease can be diagnosed and treated by a urologist.

Cases of Peyronie’s disease range from mild to severe. Symptoms can take weeks or months to develop. The causes of this abnormality are still relatively unknown; however, it is believed to be the result of an injury to the area (such as an accident, traumatic event).


Men who do seek Peyronie’s disease treatment do so because of pain and the disruption of sexual intercourse. Treatment is available in some cases. There are drugs prescribed that can help ease the symptoms. Additionally, surgery can also help in the most sever cases..

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