There are many reasons, causes and factors as to why a person might suffer from urinary incontinence. Likewise, there are many incontinence treatment options on the market that have worked successfully for many people.

If the brain and the sacral nerves (the nerves associated with bladder control) do not communicate properly, the nerves will not be able to tell the bladder to function properly. The symptoms associated with this communication failure result in incontinence and urinary leaks. Interstim Therapy is a bladder control treatment favored by many people suffering from incontinence and regular urinary leaks. Interstim involves a neurostimulation implant that uses electrical stimulation of the sacral nerves to manage the urge to urinate. A urologist will implant the Interstim device near the tailbone in a patient.

This bladder control treatment procedure is a reversible treatment that can be discontinued at any time by turning off or removing the device. Depending on the patient, the Interstim device can be used alone or in conjunction with more traditional therapies, such as medications and biofeedback therapy. Many patients who are implanted with the Interstim device will notice a decrease in urinary leaks almost immediately following the implant incontinence treatment.

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