Individuals who are experiencing varying forms of incontinence may be candidates for urodynamic testing, one of several bladder tests offered by North Dallas Urology Associates. During a urodynamics procedure, a computerized tool is used to evaluate the function of the bladder during elimination. Urodynamic testing will be used to determine the type and level of incontinence. This minimally-invasive procedure results in minimal discomfort and no preparation is needed prior to the appointment.

During a urodynamics procedure, the patient will begin by urinating into a special chair. This chair is used to measure the rate and flow of urine and post void residual. During the test, a catheter will be placed in the patient and used to determine the amount of urine in the bladder after voiding.

Once the above bladder test has been accomplished, the doctor will place two small catheters—one inside the vagina to measure abdominal pressure, and the other inside the bladder. Once these catheters are in place, the patient will continue with testing and will be asked to indicate when they feel full. Additional circumstances will be produced such as jumping, laughing and coughing so that leaking can be provoked. This will be evaluated by the physician to determine the level of incontinence. During a urodynamic procedure, a cystoscopy may also be performed so that the physician can look inside the bladder and urethra for abnormalities and other factors that are leading to and causing incontinence. Post void residual will also be looked at further.

A cystoscopy may be required after the urodynamic procedure. This requires no general anesthesia as the instruments are extremely small and a gel is used to numb the urethral area. This procedure allows the physician to visualize the structures of the bladder and urethra for abnormalities and possible contributing causes for incontinence.

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