Vasectomy procedures are performed in the United States every day. When a man decides he no longer wants to conceive children, he may opt for having a vasectomy where the end of the vas deferens is cut and tied so that sperm can no longer enter the semen stream. In some cases, a man may decide later in life that he does in fact want to conceive a child and thus will look at having this condition reversed. In such case, a vasectomy reversal, known as a vasovasostomy, can be performed where the ends of the vas deferens can be repaired and reconnected thus restoring the flow of sperm. For many cases, in men, this sterilization reversal procedure will be effective. However, it is not a guarantee. In addition, the likelihood of conception following vasectomy reversal may be lowered due to the affects relating to the initial vasectomy procedure and the time since the vasectomy is also a factor. A man should explore all of his options, risks and consult with a urologist prior to having a vasectomy. A consultation should be planned to discuss the pros and cons associated with sterilization reversal.

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