VENUSwaves™ is the Latest Advancement in Men’s Sexual Health

Greater Erections, Sensitivity, and Endurance without Medications.

Ready to put the Rock back in your Roll?

Who needs VENUSWaves™?

Everyone can enjoy the benefits of VENUSWaves. Whether you have symptoms of Erectile Disfunction or not, you are eligible for the procedure. In fact, many VENUSWaves recipients have never had ED, but simply want to improve their performance.

For those who are dealing with ED, VENUSWaves technology offers the opportunity  to remove the inconvenience of ED and the medications for it, completely.

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  • This thing really works. After only a few treatments I noticed a difference. Another nice thing is I can have a few glasses of wine again because Venus Waves allowed me to give my up pills.

VENUSwaves™ Procedure:

Expect to spend about one hour in total at the doctors office. The procedure itself takes approximately fifteen minutes and is non-invasive with little or no discomfort. Be prepared to schedule a least 6 treatments over a 2-3 week period.

VENUSWaves therapy is the latest and greatest in technology to enhance sexual performance. You will experience “no down time”. This means you will be able to have intercourse before and after each treatment or as you wish.

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  • Treatments take 15-20 minutes.
  • Little or no discomfort.
  • Positive outcome completed in 6-12 treatment.
  • Long lasting benefits.
  • Low cost.
  • Often reduces the need for medications that have side effects and/or adverse reactactions with alcohol consumption.

Ready to put the Rock back in your Roll?

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